Our Technology

Smart. Modular. Connected.

Rugged Cycle

Smart Bike—Dumb Rack

Our solar-powered technology is mounted securely on the handlebars to eliminate the need for an expensive kiosk, while retaining the scalability and flexibility of a station-based system. Our on-bike smart lock offers a robust security system to keep bikes where they need to be.


On-Bike Technology

A simple credit card swipe rents a bike for first time users or membership riders. With a hassle-free rental process, we help your bikesharing system reach more people.


Station-Based Systems

Simple racks accommodate any space, providing the opportunity for system flexibility and scalability. Clean rack surface offers space to brand your system with system sponsors. Stationless locking modules come standard on the bikes, which allow riders to temporarily lock so that they can enter local businesses not located next to a rack.

  • Rugged Cycle
    Rugged Cycle
  • Worksman

Made in America

Our American vendors have shorter lead times than their international counterparts so we can get you the system you need faster.

Software Package

The best operations tools available.


Maintenance Made Easy

Our tools for scheduling maintenance tasks and responding to problems make it easy to keep bikes in working order. Schedule maintenance intervals, let users report issues and have our smart software tools determine when work needs to be done.

System Management

Make The Most Of Your System

We offer maintenance and operations software that gives operators the tools to run a successful system. Our software makes it easy to get the information you need to run your system within a single dashboard. We make vital statistics simple to understand so you can keep bikes on the road.

Rider Services

Connecting riders.


Now Powered by Link

Link is for riders. The Link app and website allows users to easily manage their accounts, pay their membership and rental dues, and see stats about their rides. Everything riders need to enjoy bikeshare is now available in one place, separate from unnecessary and cluttering hardware information.